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AMXNX-1200 - NetLinx NX Integrated Controller

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NX-1200 - NetLinx NX Integrated Controller. The NX-1200 / NetLinx® NX Integrated Controller is a programmable network appliance specifically designed to control AV and building technology using multiple analog and digital formats. The NX-1200 provides a scalable platform for the future by combining high performance, backward compatibility and extensive network security features. The NX-1200 is designed to control and automate a variety of devices in single rooms or multiple small rooms and is capable of supporting devices with a variety of communication formats. NX Master Security firmware is ideal for enterprise, education, and government policies requiring secure communication over a computer network in line with security standards expected by the IT industry of any equipment running on an enterprise. The NX-1200 is perfect for small classrooms, huddle spaces, small conference rooms, learning spaces and multi-zone systems with a small number of wired devices. The NX-1200 is designed to provide secure control and monitoring for a small AV system, HVAC, lights, security, power management, and many similar specialized applications requiring a space-saving physical control device with versatile mounting.

Technical Specifications

  • MemoryMemory Card: 4 GB SD, NVRAM: 1 MB, DDRAM: 512 MB, Note: Supports external USB Solid State Drives
  • Power ConsumptionActive Power Consumption: 3 W
  • AxLink Port(1) 4-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, provides data and power to external AxLink control devices
  • AxLink Indicator(1) AxLink LED (green) indicates the state of the AxLink port
  • RS-232/422/485 Ports(1) 10-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Port 1, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud
  • RS-232 Port(1) 5-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, NetLinx Port 2, XON/XOFF (transmit on / transmit off), CTS/RTS (clear to send/ready to send), 300 - 115,200 baud
  • Serial Indicator(2) sets of LEDs (red/yellow) indicate when serial Ports 1 and 2 are transmitting and receiving data
  • IR/Serial(2) 2-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 2 IR Transmit / 1-way Serial ports, NetLinx Ports 11-12, Support high-frequency carriers up to 1.142 MHz, 2 IR/Serial data signals can be generated simultaneously
  • IR/Serial Indicators(2) LEDs (red) indicate when each of the IR/Serial ports (11-12) are transmitting control data
  • I/O Channels(4) One 6-position 3.5mm Screw Terminal, 4-channel binary I/O port for contact closure with each input being capable of voltage sensing, NetLinx Port 22, Channels 1-4
  • I/O Indicator(4) LEDs (yellow) indicate each of the I/O channels (1-4) are active
  • IR/RX Ports(1) 1/8” mini-jack
  • IR/RX Indicator(1) IR RX LED (red) LED lights when IR data is being received via the IR/RX port
  • Dimensions (HWD)1 11/16” x 5 13/16” x 5 1/8” (42.16 mm x 147.32 mm x 130.81 mm)

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