Novasonar GL Series

For drywall coverings made of perforated gypsum boards...
The loudspeaker comprises a conventional perforated gypsum plaster board with a factory-integrated flat-panel loudspeaker. The board is stripped down to a minimum thickness on the back in the area of the loudspeaker membrane by means of milling and thus causes sound-neutrality. The flat-panel membrane behind the perforation is adapted in colour to the back covering of the perforated gypsum-plaster board.

Materials and assembly do not differ from other construction materials used and as a result, there are no „alien bodies“ in the drywall.

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GL Series Power Handling

Within the GL Series there are the following wattage versions and sizes: please see the download section for specific models and specifications.

Power handling: 30 WattsDimensions: Min. 500 mm x 625 mm
Power handling: 60 WattsDimensions: Min. 500 mm x 625 mm