Novasonar Boxer Series

Vibration‐free subwoofer for drywall...

Vibration-free subwoofer on the ML BOXER principle for flush-mounted and jointless drywall assembly. Two loudspeaker channels separated from each other with two integrated frequency crossovers enable trouble-free operation on a stereo amplifier. By way of example, two satellite loudspeakers and a Boxer are run jointly (in parallel) on two amplifier channels.

The front of the subwoofer comprises a gypsum plaster board, which can be directly screwed to the drywall substructure provided on the site. Special assembly material is not necessary.

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The opposite positioning of the loudspeaker frames and their metal bracing cause mechanical vibrational forces to be cancelled out. Meaning vibrations in the housing cannot develop at all. Acoustic decoupling from drywall construction through rattling drywall substructure is therefore not necessary.

Factory-integration of the subwoofer in the construction material ensures continuously assemble and processing technology in drywall work without material change and therefore ensuring smooth progress on the site.

Please see the download section for specific models and specifications.