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Introducing Cornered Audio Ci Series

The Ci series is a feature packed range of loudspeakers designed for commercial installations. With ABS cabinets, IP65 certification and 100V mode, the Ci series can be installed in a wide range of in- and outdoor applications such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes and meeting rooms. The slider mounting system makes installation fast and flexible and the Ci series offers excellent value for money.
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Tour Essentials

You’ve played a few gigs at your local watering hole, but now it’s time to hit the road and show the people what you’ve got. But what do you take with you? Don’t worry, because POLAR has got you covered with our list of Tour Essentials.
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How To Choose The Right Headphones

Headphones come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and styles but which ones are right for you? Read on and we will point you in the right direction...
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Choosing A Bass Guitar Amplifier

Bass amps differ significantly from guitar amplifiers, in that they are attempting to reproduce significantly lower frequencies than a regular guitar amp and this typically requires more power and a different palette of tonal controls compared to the mid-range frequencies produced by electric guitars.