XTA at Meadows In The Mountain Festival

Meadows In The Mountains is a boutique music festival nestled high above the clouds on the beautiful Rhodope mountain top in Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria just above a traditional Bulgarian village.

9th-11th June 2017 - Bulgaria

Only the truly dedicated make the trek up the mountain, which makes it that much more special. With DJ’s from all around the world, the party ran 24 hours a day for 4 days. The must-see DJ sets on the Sunrise Stage watched as the sun appeared from beneath the clouds to join the festival and a few other mountain tops above the clouds. The festival prides itself on its respect for, and integration with, the native community. Local inhabitants house attendees, and the environmental policies are stricter than almost any other festival. The festival is not about global music superstars, but rather the atmosphere and overall sense of escapism that comes as much from revellers as from the musicians and artists on show. 

Audio Feed, Bournemouth-based sound equipment and installation company were brought in to install the PA equipment at the festival site. Although transporting 8-tonnes of PA equipment up to the site certainly had its challenges as no large trucks could reach anywhere near the plateau where the site was located. Even a 4x4 pick up truck provided no easy task. The festival provided Audio Feed with a horse and cart.

Oz Jefferies, Founder and MD at Audio Feed explains:

"At first we were skeptical, but the locals convinced us that transporting 8 Tonnes of PA equipment up a mountain by one horse was the way to go. They were right, the 4x4 managed to get stuck on multiple occasions, and whilst the engineers struggled to get it moving again the horse and cart breezed by time and time again without stopping."

Using Funktion One speakers with all XTA APA Dante Amplifiers for the main PA and XTA 5 Series and MC² E-60’s for DJ and wedge monitors was vitally important for Audio Feed to use the most reliable audio equipment available, as replacements at the top of a mountain are hard to come by. While concentrating power delivery into fewer amplifier racks, the APA’s inbuilt processors effortlessly delivered clean defined power continuously.

Oz Jefferies adds:

"These Integrated amps offer amazing unmatched performance. We are constantly being told by the patrons and the organisers that we provide the best audio quality, effortlessly. With such quality and definition, volume is not the most important factor."