TechPro go Wireless with beyerdynamic

AV Equipment suppliers and Live Event specialists TechPro Events recently invested in a number of beyerdynamic's TG 1000 Wireless Microphone Systems to address the growing demand for its event support services.

30th May 2017 - Tamworth

TechPro operates inside and outside the UK, with more than half its event support services being delivered to mainland Europe. Offering technical support to large corporate events, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.

With an impressively wide 319MHz frequency range (470-789MHz), the TG1000 Wireless Microphones are hugely flexible systems featuring 12 cascading channels for smooth, interference-free operation of up to 6 dual receivers and its Chameleon software enabling web-based control of the system from computers, smartphones and tablets. The straightforward set-up and easy operability of the T1000's offers exceptional flexibility across a number of countries and a variety of venues. Additionally, the digital encryption built in to the TG1000's provided an ideal solution for TechPro to be able to operate with the greatest level of security, confidence and reliability to their operators and clients. Since TechPro deal predominantly with speech applications, the company elected the TG V56W cardioid condenser capsule for the handheld transmitters.

Rob Stokes, Director at TechPro was delighted with the results:

"The TG1000 exactly meets our needs. The frequency range is very important given that a large proportion of our work is carried out across Europe and being able to cascade 6 dual receivers allows us to operate 12 channels of wireless microphones without the need for additional splitters. This is perfect for the scale of events we regularly support."