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The New LINEAR 5 MK II Series From HK Audio

Backed by its usual passion for perfect sound and high-quality workmanship, HK Audio has completely revised the successful LINEAR 5 series, equipped it with new speakers and upgraded it to the very latest technology. More power with less weight, more compact dimensions and remotely controllable digital electronics take day-to-day tasks to a whole new level.

The new LINEAR 5 MK II series is the ideal companion for professional performers and rental companies who need more than just a reliable and high-performance everyday tool. With expressive full-range and flexible multifunctional mid/high units, sturdy wooden cabinets, remotely controllable DSPs via network and the DSP CONTROL software, preset-configurable Cardioid setups for the subwoofers and a wide range of accessories, LINEAR 5 MK II is the powerful and innovative drive for all those who want to impress their audiences day after day.


• Powerful Class-D power amps

• Flexible, easy-to-configure mid/high units with presets selectable directly on the speaker for configuration as a stage monitor or system speaker

• Full-range mid/high unit with larger enclosure volume, more sound pressure in the low-frequency range in standalone mode, bass boost preset and narrower dispersion for possible clustering

• Powerful bass reflex subwoofers with stereo preamplifiers and cardioid presets

• DSP platform with modern network technology for remote control and DSP Out for integrating speakers and power amps without own DSP support

• Robust, durable and acoustically optimised wooden enclosure

• Comprehensive features for ease of handling, rigging and mounting options suitable for live performances

• Made in Germany