Gift Ideas for Audiophiles and Music Lovers

You probably already know someone who is really into music and goes the extra mile to gain an extra inch of audio quality, to make the music sound exactly as the artist intended. We’ve put together a list of the best audiophile gift ideas to help take the fuss out of gift giving.

So, sit back, put on your favourite music and pick out the perfect present below.

Headphones for every budget

Buying gifts for a musician is tough, particularly if you’re not into the industry lingo, or you don’t know what their style or instrument is. Thankfully there are things that every music lover can enjoy and certain brands that every musician would be delighted to receive as a gift. Headphones are a no-brainer for most musicians, especially if they’re enjoying recording or listening to music at home or on the move.

A good set of headphones can make a world of difference and there are certain brands that every music lover will have on their wish list – particularly beyerdynamic, who offer a variety of different models to cover every need or budget.

We’ve picked out a few recommended models below to help you deliver the gift of amazing audio quality.

        1. beyerdynamic Amiron Home Stereo Headphones with Tesla Technology (250 Ohm) £449.00 

The Amiron open-back stereo headphones provide a listening experience that makes you feel like you’re in your very own concert hall. This is an ideal set of headphones for music lovers across all genres of music. They’re also award winners; receiving the best on-ear headphones over £400 award from WHAT HI*FI.

    2. beyerdynamic Soul Byrd Wired In-Ear Headphones (18 Ohm) £69.00

These in-ear headphones deliver balanced sound and superb bass response, while also using a closed design to keep your music from leaking out around you. For a music lover who’s often on the go, these are a great choice of headphone. They’re also perfect for relaxing or sleeping due to their unique flat shape.

    3. beyerdynamic Lagoon ANC Traveller Wireless Headphones £269.00

If you’re looking for something to help block out the chaos of the outside world, The Lagoon ANC headphones with their active noise cancelling technology are the perfect choice. They’re a unique combination of technical intelligence and perfect audio quality – with new-age features that an audiophile would love.

Acoustic Treatment for Audio Perfectionists

Even the highest quality speakers can get lost in a room with no sound treatment, and what better way to show your love for an audiophile then to give them the gift of the perfect audio space? Yes, acoustic treatment panels aren’t the most exciting gift out there, but they are a guaranteed gift that an audio enthusiast will appreciate, after all, there is always more wall space to add panels to.

    1. Primacoustic London Black Acoustic Wall Panel Room Kit £885

The Primacoustic London wall panel room kit is perfect for transforming an entire room into the perfect recording or music listening room. Easy to install, and in a range of different colours, this is the perfect gift for an audio lover who’s spending more time creating at home.

    2. Individual Primacoustic Panels (£100 - £700)

If you roughly know the dimensions of the room your audio loving friend or family member uses, then you can also look at purchasing individual panels. Primacoustic’s range of high-performance fabric covered acoustic panels help deliver some of the best acoustic performance and are a crowd pleaser.

Creator Bundles – For Budding Producers, Streamers and Podcasters

If you know a budding podcaster, streamer, music producer, then the Mackie Creator Bundles are the perfect gift. They are a one-stop-shop for the basics you’ll need to begin producing next-level audio content from the comfort of your own home.

The Mackie creator bundles are design with content creation in mind and each include versatile and high-quality audio equipment required to begin creating audio content.

    1. Mackie Creator Bundle (£229)

This brand-new bundle from industry-renowned Mackie is designed with content creators who want to start or continue creating podcasts or live streaming. The kit includes multimedia monitors, a condenser microphone and professional headphones. This is the perfect gift for someone who’s shown an interest in streaming or podcasting at home.

    2. Mackie Studio Bundle (£439)

For audio enthusiasts who want to create a home studio, the Mackie Studio Bundle offers the perfect home studio set up in one pack. Including multimedia monitors, a studio monitor controller, professional headphones, a condenser microphone, a vocal microphone and all the accessories your gift recipient will need to get set up quickly.