IoT AV Devices for Recurring Revenue with LEA Professional

Ok, so you’ve got a new AV project. You’re in the system design process and you need to decide what gear you’ll need for the install. You’ve probably got your go-to brands and makes and models that you’ve used a hundred times. They’re predictable, your comfortable installing them, your comfortable configuring them, and you’re happy with the end result. But, chances are, you’re settling for less. If given the option, why not choose a product that is just as easy (or easier) to install, configure, and maintain but with the added benefit of making you more money? That is the true advantage of choosing IoT AV devices.

You’re probably using IoT products on a daily basis at home. Maybe your toothbrush sends data to the cloud, you might check the video feed from your doorbell on your phone, or maybe you remotely control your home’s lights or thermostat when your away on vacation.

So, you know IoT products make everyday tasks simpler. But have you made your AV installs easier with IoT AV devices yet? If not, you’re probably leaving a lot of money on the table. Because, with IoT-enabled AV products, not only do you have simpler control & monitoring capabilities, access to data and automation, but you also have the opportunity to increase the monthly revenue of your business by adding IoT to your existing service contracts.

It’s simple, effective, and comes at no additional costs to you or your business (at least not with LEA IoT amps).

Let’s dive in.

The Benefits of IoT AV Devices

The reason that IoT AV devices work so well for creating recurring revenue streams comes down to cloud connectivity. When IoT devices connect to the cloud, it opens the door for remote access to the products you’ve installed.

This is great for many trade fields, where making service calls for different clients at different locations is a regular part of the job.

By utilising the cloud to access your AV products at the client’s location, you can remotely troubleshoot and resolve issues without actually having to physically visit the location.

It can virtually eliminate commuting costs, travel time, and scheduling conflicts and reducing the amount of time your technicians spend supporting past installations leaving them more free time on new installations.

And from the client’s perspective, they get the benefit of continuing their daily business, uninterrupted. That means, little to no system downtime, no scheduling maintenance calls, less costly repairs, and the ability to for your company to provide proactive maintenance by being able to identify a problem before the customer does.

By having IoT capabilities, you can also remotely reconfigure a system without having to send a technician to make system changes. For example, if someone onsite at one of your installs plugs in an input source to an existing wall plate, but doesn’t know how to change the source, you can remotely change the source for them. This could be included as a recurring revenue service or charge them a one-time fee for the reconfiguration.

What An IoT Recurring Revenue Plan Looks Like

Adding IoT to your existing service contracts will work differently for each business. But the basics of your plan could include the following benefits:

  • 24/7 Remote system monitoring
  • 24/7 Remote system control
  • 24/7 Remote troubleshooting
  • Remote System Reconfiguration
  • Proactive Preventative Maintenance
  • System data analytics (to increase system efficiency)
  • Remote system updates (firmware)
  • System Data Storage

By adding these line items to your existing service contracts, you are ensuring peace of mind for your customer and their business. By setting up your clients on a monthly or maybe even yearly subscription plan, they can rest assured that their technology is running as it should while you increase revenue for your business at virtually no cost to you. And if issues should arise, they will be resolved exponentially faster than with a traditional service model.

Safe & Sound

Professional AV systems can be complex, expensive, and difficult to understand and operate. AV malfunctions happen for a number of reasons and the troubleshooting process can be just as complex as the systems themselves. But with IoT-enabled products, your clients can feel more confident knowing that they always have experts monitoring their systems and ensuring that they are always performing exactly as intended.

Get started today by exploring our range of IoT-enabled professional amplifiers called the CONNECTSERIES. Every CONNECTSERIES amp comes IoT-enabled out of the box. Using Amazon Web Service (AWS) IoT core, our products can securely send and receive data and information through the LEA Professional Cloud. This allows for remote control and monitoring from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. It’s an easy way to break into the IoT world with your AV projects and the best part is, it’s completely free to use.

So, next time you’re spec'ing amplifiers into your project, consider using IoT amps. If that’s not enough, our amps are packed with more features and functionality than other amps in the market and at a price point that can’t be beaten.

Make your AV systems work for you, with IoT AV devices.

If you have any questions about IoT technology, how it works with our products, or how they can benefit pro audio systems, reach out to us using the contact button below.

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