Introducing Cornered Audio Ci Series

IP rated Commercial Installation speakers: Easy as 1 - 2

The Ci series is a feature packed range of loudspeakers designed for commercial installations. With ABS cabinets, IP65 certification and 100V mode, the Ci series can be installed in a wide range of in- and outdoor applications such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes and meeting rooms. The slider mounting system makes installation fast and flexible and the Ci series offers excellent value for money.

Ci2 is an ultra compact 2-way full-range speaker with a full-bodied sound.Featuring a tweeter with highly uniform dispersion, coverage is very wide and as such the speaker does not need to be angled, but will cover the entire room with sound while placed flush in the corner.

With the patented triangular Cornered design, installation is fast and easy and the IP65 rating ensure both in- and outdoor use. The integrated mounting points allows the cabinet to mount flush in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. Two, three or four cabinets can be mounted together to increase coverage and the cable terminal is hidden, making cables invisible both in vertical and horizontal applications. 

Ci2 plays well beyond its size and is very well suited for background sound in coffee shops, hotels and retail outlets. Check out this video showing how easy it is to install the Ci2: