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Newcastle University was formed in 1963 and the Armstrong Building is a stunning Grade II listed building within the University that still plays a key role in the social and academic life. Situated within this building is the King's Hall, a beautiful space where prestigious events including graduation ceremonies and concerts take place. Opened by and named after King Edward VII in 1906, the hall seats 500 delegates and in 1967 hosted the presentation of an honorary degree to Dr Martin Luther King. The Armstrong Building also contains number of lecture theatres and classrooms.

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"The Armstrong Building at Newcastle University is now equipped with a flexible and fully integrated system that serves a wide variety of functions. Presentations in the King's Hall are now delivered with a level of intelligibility and clarity not previously possible and what's more, the content can be broadcast beyond the hall itself into the other venues."

1. The Objective

The installation was to cover three separate rooms and was required to effectively facilitate intelligible audio for presentations and live sound applications, hold video-conferences with other locations and so as to not compromise the aesthetics of this heritage multi-use setting, was required to be as invisible as possible.

POLAR recommend a Renkus-Heinz Iconyx solution to create beams of audio that can be focused on the audience and away from hard, reflective surfaces, Iconyx speakers to minimize reverberance. Novasonar speakers to deliver and discreetly blend intelligible sound, making them a perfect sonic and aesthetic fit and beyerdynamic Quinta wireless conferencing systems to link to other areas in the building via Ethernet.

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2. Our Approach

2 x Renkus Heinz ICL-F-DUAL-RN Line Arrays were positioned in conjunction with 2 x IC2 15S subs. A Biamp TesiraFORTE AI AVB was installed to control all signal processing in the venue and enable audio and video content in the hall to be routed to other venues in the Armstrong building. An Australian Monitor AMIS 26 distribution amplifier was employed to power the audio for the hall's video screens/ tv units. 4 x Novasonar Dynamic 60 GK and 2 x vibration free Novasonar Boxer GK 100-2 subs, powered by Australian Monitor AM41P and AM22P amplifiers were integrated into the walls to achieve a completely invisible installation. A beyerdynamic TG V50d handheld microphone was supplied and a Biamp TesiraFORTE AI AVB controls DSP. 2 x Biamp TesiraFORTE models were installed along with a TesiraFORTE CI (with AVB) External Codec Conferencing Solution and a linked TesiraFORTE AI AVB which enables this room to join the networks in the other two venues.

3. Outcomes

Andy Ramsey, Senior AV Technician at Newcastle University:

"The situation in the King's Hall is a massive improvement on what went before and it's now a great asset to the university. The two other areas more than met our expectations and have been extremely well received by end users."

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