Beyerdynamic is an industry leading manufacturer of transducers, which are the core components of their microphones, as well as their celebrated headphones.

The classic microphones of the beyerdynamic M Series combine outstanding sound characteristics with rugged quality in an instantly recognisable form factor. As long-standing studio favourites with producers and recording engineers, microphones such as the M 160 ribbon microphone  or dynamic M 88 TG are linked to the history of rock and roll through the ages, and can be heard on countless hit records.

The Touring Gear series is a completely new microphone range from beyerdynamic, totally redesigned from the ground up with a brand new identification system to make selection of our microphones easier for you, the user. The 'TG' for Touring Gear is followed by the letter of the specific area of application: 'V' for vocal, 'H' for headsets, 'L' for lavaliere, 'D' for drums and 'I' for instruments. Touring Gear embodies the sound of German craftsmanship from beyerdynamic.