inout MS20 NAS

MS 20-NAS (Network Attached Storage) offers advanced security, storage and content sharing in an easy-to-use product ideal for small networks.

The sophisticated RAID 1 security mode protects against data loss in the event of disk drive failure. Simple web baased wizards speed up user creation and manage access to shared folders.

Linux enterprise level OS ensure long time reliability and high performance with no compromises. The ideal small network storage solution for protecting and sharing data.

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Main Specifications
  • Enhanced data protection
  • Easy setup and usage Web interface
  • Extensive content sharing capabilities
  • Fast and powerful performance (Intel Atom)
  • DHCP server for network management
  • NTP server for time synchronization
  • 1Gbit/s LAN interface
  • Sophisticated RAID-1 HDD management
  • Fully integrated 85W AC-DC PSU (No donlges)
  • Low consumption 2 x 2.5” HDD
  • Linux Os on separate SSD
  • Heavy duty metal case