inout DA 480-R

DA480-R is a versatile and reliable multi-channel power amplifier with innovative SMT technology circuits. It comes in a very compact case with a slim design, which suite those fixed installations with very small spaces. It is also ideal for for multi-channel amplification, surround sound, multi-zone or bridged applications.

It features very low noise and distortion levels at any power, performance caught-up thanks to the exclusive use of high class components. Using T-class high quality power amplifiers, the DA480R has a very low thermal dissipation, with a consequently low running temperature, internal temperature control.

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Main Features
  • Variable speed fan, assures a long operating times fully loaded work without overheating problems and, above all, it is very silent.
  • VCA volume control for each channel that make this multi-channel power amplifier suitable for applications where remote level control is needed.
  • Protection circuits against DC, Subsonic Frequencies,Short Circuits, High Temperature, HF.
  • An LED array on the front panel of this power amplifier indicates the operation status of each channel. Separate multi-colour LED show input signal presence, peak level and self-protection events occurred, to immediately see the system status.
  • Relay and logical outputs on removable connector for channel protection reporting or specific programmable functions.
  • Low impedance balanced audio input on Phoenix removable connectors.
  • Power output on removable connectors that accept section cables up to 2,5 mmq.
  • Bridged operation mode, coupling channels two by two, gives double power in a single channel with 8 ohms load impedance
  • Input signal adjustment trimmer for each channel on the rear panel.
  • RS485 serial interface allows to connect up to 255 units to external control systems for status monitoring and volume control of each channel.
  • Output power: [email protected]Ω, or [email protected]Ω in briged mode.
  • Speaker’s load from 4 to 16 Ω.
  • VDE plug, fuse holder and power switch on the rear panel.
  • AC mains supply 230Vac\50Hz.
  • Half single 19” rack unit fully compatible with the InOut RM30 and FP30 rack accessories.