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WorkPRO C Pro 4 image

WorkPRO C Pro 4

20 W Ceiling Speaker with 4" Woofer & 0.75" Rotatable Tweeter

This powerful installation loudspeaker incorporates an innovative ultrafine grille with two interesting features. The speaker and grille can be painted so users can customise its colour for perfect integration within the space. The grille can be easily attached and detached thanks to its fast mounting installation system through magnets. The grille covers almost the total surface of the loudspeaker, increasing its capacity to fit and making it a discrete and stylish solution. Once installed, it is possible to swivel the tweeter to control the directionality in order to enhance the audio experience
WorkPRO IC 4 Pro image

WorkPRO IC 4 Pro

30 W Ceiling Speaker with 4" Woofer & 0.75" Tweeter

The IC PRO 4 is made of high-impact resistant ABS plastic and features a metal grille as well as a metal back enclosure that contains the crossover network and transformer. A bass-reflex design, coupled with extended enclosure volume and bass resonance tube provides a better bass extension. They are suitable for high impedance (70V, 100 V) voltage line and low impedance (8 Ohm) installations. The powertap selector is accessible from the front of the speaker so levels can be adjusted after installation.
WorkPRO IC 80 T image

WorkPRO IC 80 T

6 W Full Range Ceiling Speaker with 8" Woofer

The IC 80 T ceiling speaker is designed to offer a professional solution to contractors on a budget. They are all suitable for small audio installations like retail stores and small rooms. They feature a light, quick installation system and clean design for perfect integration. In order to ensure a long lifetime, they are made of strong ABS plastic which protects them from heat.
WorkPRO RCS 403 PRO T image


6 W Full Range Ceiling Speaker with 3.5" Woofer

RCS 403 Pro T is a ceiling speaker easy to install and designed for music diffusion and speech. It is suitable for high impedance (100 V) voltage line installations. Housing is made of ABS plastic with a metal grille Fixation with removable towing hook system ensures the perfect fastening of the ceiling speaker.
Aus Mon QF8CS image

Aus Mon QF8CS

15 W Ceiling Speaker with 8" Dual Cone Woofer

The Australian Monitor QuickFit range of ceiling speakers has been an industry staple for over a decade. This refreshed series of QuickFit dual cone flush mount ceiling speakers are now better than ever. Offering improved voicing of these great products, refined toggle mounting system, and including all the information you need at your fingertips with a new cut-out template providing wiring, wattage tapping, and cut-out information. Together these new and improved features provide an even better installation experience.
Aus Mon QFC5CS image

Aus Mon QFC5CS

10 W Ceiling Speaker with 5" Coaxial Woofer

The QF8CS comprises a 2-way coaxial driver producing high SPL and intelligibility. The frameless grills provide a modern sleek look sure to please end-users, consultants, and architects alike. If you require a black ceiling speaker it’s as easy as changing the grill. A black grill for each model can be purchased separately as an accessory.

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