Headphones & Headsets

beyerdynamic offer a range of Headphones and Headsets used worldwide in studio recording and for bidirectional communication in broadcast, film and TV.

The DT 108/109 Series ensures excellent isolation from outside noise and the robust design of the handset ensures reliability over years. The DT 108 model is a single-ear version of the headset series.

The DT 200 Series are built with condenser microphones for applications in the broadcast areas. The DT 297 headsets are perfect for mobile use and provides real studio performance in any environment with broadcast-quality condenser cardioid microphones

The DT 700 Series are provided with condenser microphones for use in noisy environments. The DT 790 is a double-sided headset with dynamic hypercardioid gooseneck.

DT 108/109 Series
DT 200 Series
DT 700 Series
DT 109 Headset

Description wired headset for live, remote broadcasting, studio, film, tv and language lab applications

Features excellent ambient noise attenuation, capable of handling very high SPL

Open/Closed closed headphone design

Single-ear version DT 108

DT 297 Headset

Description wired headset with condenser microphone for on-air news and sports commentaries (optionally with limiter)

Features very high speech reproduction quality and excellent intelligibility

Open/Closed closed headphone design

Frequency Response 10 – 30,000Hz and excellent isolation from ambient noise

Single-ear version DT 287

DT 797 Headset

Description wired headset with condenser microphone for use in loud environments (optionally with limiter)

Features high-quality condenser cardioid microphone for improved bass response and with high gain-before-feedback and excellent ambient noise attenuation

Open/Closed closed headphone design

Single-ear version DT 790

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