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Pro Audio for Pro Gamers

Enjoy each precious moment of your gaming experience; full attention, with maximum control over every move and the everlasting joy of play. No matter whether you are playing alone or in a complete squad, we seize every challenge as we aspire to take our gaming experience to the next level.

But the crucial moment begins well before the action starts: in Champion Select. This is one of the most defining moments for all gamers. This is where you select your character, the protagonist with whom you will identify throughout the game.

Take a moment and think about the strengths that will ultimately count most. After all, you will be the one who sets the pace of the game – which champion are you?

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MMX 300 (2nd Gen) image

MMX 300 (2nd Gen)

Gaming Headset

The MMX 300 will take you on breath-taking gaming journeys. The high-resolution sound produced by the driver system reaches recording-studio level and is a game-changer in every situation.
TYGR 300 R image

TYGR 300 R

Gaming Headphone

Carefully selected materials, lightweight construction and the sturdy design of the TYGR 300 R produce the perfect combination of comfort and quality. Even the sound itself has been optimised with wearing comfort in mind.


Gaming Headphone & Microphone

The interplay of out-of-this-world sound and studio-like voice transmission turn TYGR and FOX into the perfect team. The TYGR 300 R headphones feature open-back design to produce spacious sound and are a true pleasure to wear.
DT 990 Pro image

DT 990 Pro

Studio & Gaming Headphone

Known as “the studio legends”, the DT 990 Pro is widely known across the globe as the industry standard studio headphone, but is also much-loved by gamers including such as Ninja.