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When it comes to webinars, seminars, web-based teaching or e-learning, you should work with the professionals right away. With many years of experience and many products that are perfectly adapted to the respective needs, you get exactly what you really need, whether you’re a student or teacher, participant or lecturer, trainee or instructor.

For distance learning, online lessons and the virtual classroom, our products are always at your side with their incredible audio technology. Whether you’re looking for a headset, headphone or microphone, we have the perfect solution for you.



From beyerdynamic

Whether speaking on one-to-one calls or conducting meetings with several people Phonum is ideally suited for all types of discussions, meetings and presentations thanks to its highly developed and precise microphone technology and intelligent down-fire speaker. The Phonum speakerphone is the ideal solution for mobile conferences over the internet in the office or at home. The primary operation is via Bluetooth® with a PC, laptop or smartphone. In addition, Phonum has a USB port as a secondary interface.


MMX 300

From beyerdynamic

The MMX 300 (2nd Generation) is a premium headset that combines years of beyerdynamic technology from both the private aviation industry and professional recording studios providing you with crystal clear, studio quality sound. The soft velour earpads provide extreme comfort and create a secure fit for long periods of use.

The MMX 300 comes with an integrated remote control for adjusting the volume, muting the microphone and accepting calls. The high-quality studio microphone ensures that you will always be clearly heard.