Cato Music take on Radial

Cato Music is an energetic, well-established, solid & highly experienced tour production company based in South West London. Founded in 2001, Cato Music has spent the last 16 years catering for the rental, rehearsal, transport and storage needs of production and tour managers and crew. Home to three busy band rehearsal studios that welcome a diverse range of clients, from Little Mix to Metallica, Cato Music has recently opened The Mill, a 429sqm production rehearsal facility in Wimbledon which can accommodate anything from a band to a full orchestra, film crew or fashion shoot.

"Radial's gear can solve hundreds of pro audio problems - we always know where to go if someone comes to us with a conundrum with their live set up"

The Best Of The Best

Beyond their state-of-the-art rehearsal facilities - not to mention their very own Academy - Cato Music is equally active in tour support with comprehensive backline hire, sales, crewing agency, transport and storage departments staffed by industry veterans. Using their core touring expertise they have become the most client-orientated backline hire company in London. Either in the studio or on the road, Cato Music clients demand the best of the best and in their market sector, that is Radial.

POLAR supplied Cato Music with an extensive range of Radial products to support their growing backline hire department for the touring market. 

Guaranteed Reliability In The Studio And On The Road.

Guaranteed Reliability In The Studio And On The Road

A range of Radial DI boxes were supplied to Cato Music including the USB-Pro™ Stereo USB Laptop DI, JDI™ Passive Direct Box, JDX 48™ Reactor™ Guitar Amp Direct Box, BT-Pro™ Bluetooth® Direct Box and the Pro48™ Active Direct Box. In addition, POLAR supplied Cato Music with a BigShot ABY™ True-Bypass Switcher and the SGI™ RX Studio Guitar Interface System.