What is AVoIP?

AVoIP is the name that has been coined for the paradigm of emerging audio-visual and media technologies being implemented and deployed as part of both newly designed and existing client IT infrastructures and networks. It is these technologies and solutions that has given rise to the unification of the roles, responsibilities and expertise of both AV and IT managers and engineers. It is therefore sub sequential, that it has never been of greater importance for companies within these industries to understand how both disciplines merge with each other, and bridge the gap between two constantly evolving professions.

"We really are best placed, in terms of our product range, knowledge and experience, to offer you the best advice on both audio and video solutions and the transmission of their media content on both converged and separated network topologies."

What we can offer...

Our skilled team are able to offer the best advice, experience and solutions. We have demonstration rigs and equipment readily available on request, to illustrate the simplicity of set up and operation. We can also discuss network design and integration with your existing system and infrastructure as well as conversations with both AV and IT personnel. To date, we have deployed one of the world’s largest AVoIP installations in conjunction with our integrator partners, at London Metropolitan University. Our knowledge also covers design and deployment of centralised and de-centralised systems.

The Products

Biamp’s flagship audio and video platform, Tesira is a true Networked Media System and the first truly scalable media system for digital audio and video networking using AVB/TSN. Rounding out the Tesira platform are the TesiraLUX fixed video servers for transmitting 4K60 video over your network. All Tesira products can be configured and managed using Tesira software, helping you create the dynamic, efficient AV systems your customers need. 

ZeeVee's ZyPer product family is a market-proven solution for distribution and management of IP-based AV networks. 

The Products

WorkPro can assist with a fully-featured range of DSP-based plug-and-play devices that deliver audio via a low-latency, Ethernet-based platform called BlueLine Digital MK2.