The Radial Tonebone range of pedals are designed for professional use where quality, durability and performance are critical. Utmost care and attention is paid to each Tonebone to ensure it will be quiet, have plenty of dynamic range and deliver exciting results for years to come. Tonebone is a brand aimed at musicians and gear they use in their stage rigs and pedal boards, compared to the products of parent company Radial Engineering which are aimed at audio engineers and front of house applications. As with the rest of Radial Engineering products, Tonebone pedals are made in Canada with pride.


Over the past 15 years, the key attributes that have been engineered into each Tonebone pedal are range and flexibility. This means that with a single pedal, you can find your voice and develop your tone as your playing evolves.

Artists First Choice For Purity And Enhancement Of Sound.

The superior sound of Tonebone pedals comes from Radial's expertise in maintaining signal integrity as found in their industry standard DI boxes, while their whisper-quiet operation and bullet proof reliability have made them essential tools for professional musicians; accordingly, the Tonebone artist roster features many of the worlds most celebrated guitarists, bass players and performers.

Modern guitar amplifier rigs are often complicated, with several amplifiers, cabinets and numerous pedals employed to deliver the desired range of sounds. Tonebone makes a variety of switchers and routing pedals that allow guitarists to switch seamlessly from one sound to another at the press of a button.


Overdrive And Distortion Pedals To Suit Any Taste.

Tonebone pedals offer every possible flavour of overdrive and distortion, from subtle clean boost that gives your amp more punch, to the classic, bluesy grit and bite of a Tube Screamer style overdrive, all the way through to the full blown high-gain distortion used in modern rock and metal.

These overdrive circuits are designed to emulate the characteristic sound of classic amplifiers, offering the signature sweet mid-range and singing sustain of "American" amps like Fender and Mesa Boogie or the full-bodied crunch and warmth of "British" amps like Marshall and Orange.