MC² Audio

Devon based MC² Audio has been manufacturing innovative amplifiers of the highest quality for the professional audio market since 1993. MC² Audio's amplifiers are specifically designed with the highest sonic quality and reliability in mind for installations anywhere from the night-club markets to stadiums, theatres and houses of worship. In March 2007 MC² Audio and XTA Electronics merged together two of the most respected English professional audio manufacturing companies.

Manufacturer of ultra high-fidelity pro audio amplifiers, which have gained worldwide reputation for reliability and sonic performance of the highest calibre.

Touring & Networkable Amplification.

The E Series lightweight, switch-mode amplifiers are designed specifically for the touring market, offering professional sonic qualities and reliability without the physical weight to a wide range of users in the pro audio industry. The Delta Series amplifiers offers the assurance of MC² Audio's best quality networkable and processing technology. The DSP enabled amps come with 4 additional independently processed auxiliary outputs, with Dante networking (inputs and outputs) and the non-DSP amps feature additional power levels and Dante network inputs. Scalable to fit any application.

Scalable Amplifiers For Installation.

Designed for the fixed installation market, the high performance T Series amplifiers feature MC² Audio’s complementary Class AB bipolar topology and the unique MC² Audio current driven floating drive stage. The T Series has been installed in stadiums and theatres, as well as houses of worship and restaurants the world over.