1969 was a year giants rocked the earth, and they wanted big amps. By that point in history, rock music was the baddest man in the whole damn town. Stadiums and outdoor festivals was where the action was - Madison Square Garden for christsakes! Fifty watts just wasn't enough to move that chick in the 61st row in her hand-embroidered bellbottoms. It wasn't as if nobody was filling the void—witness the stacks of Marshalls, mountains of Hiwatts, and truckloads of Dual Showmans doing more to promote tinnitus in a single generation since WWII.


Today you will find the classic ‘SVT’ stack on every concert stage the world over, supplying the low-end to bass player royalty such as Sting, Roger Waters, Tony Levin and Stanley Clarke to name a few of their devoted artists.

Ampeg SVT - The Original, All-Tube Bass Amplifier.

Since its invention, the SVT has become the bass amp that all rock bassists dream of, whether they're famous or completely unknown. Ampeg has modified the SVT concept for a wider variety of sounds, but fortunately, they still make the SVT-VR, which are virtually identical to the ones the Rolling Stones used to put their Jack Daniels bottles on top of (the SVT-Classic is also available and is very similar to the original). Former Bass Player editor Scott Malandrone put the SVT in perspective this way: "The SVT has done for the sound of electric bass what the Marshall Super Lead had done for the electric guitar—it would give the instrument an identity."


The First Choice For Artists And Professionals.

The Ampeg artist roster reads like a whose who guide to the worlds most celebrated bass guitarists, as such these amplifiers have helped define modern bass playing and continue to inspire generations of bands and artists with what has become known as "The Round Sound".

Building on the legacy of the SVT stack, Ampeg now offer a range of amplifiers to suit all styles and players from the traditional fuzzy warmth of the Portaflex series to the precise, fine-tuned tones of the SVT PRO series, ideal for modern rock and metal players.