InOut are an Italian-based company that specialise in the manufacture of intelligent solid-state memory audio devices and advanced power amplification systems. Regardless of whether audio is required in a train station or an airport, or even delivered interactively via a Smart-Totem in the retail sector, InOut offer products that can make these requirements a reality. Smart design and high-quality construction mean that all InOut products deliver exactly what is needed of them, in a solid robust package for peace that enables confidence in every installation.

InOut offer a superb range of product for distributing single and multi-channel audio. Many of their products are small form factor making them easy to conceal, but at the same time providing fantastic audio.

Comnpact And Practical.

Delivery of audio in a solid, reliable format to a variety of restricted spaces would normally be impractical for most AV installation products, especially if no rack space is available for them. InOut removes these problems with their range of compact playout devices, multi-channel amplification and storage solutions, each designed to take up as little space as possible whilst delivering very high-quality results. MP3 audio play-out in an interactive retail totem device, multiple audio channels delivered to different room zones for mix-minus applications or network-attached storage of important or sensitive audio and data files are all possible using just a selection of the InOut product portfolio.

We Have The Solution For You.

Whether you are an End User, Systems Integrator or a Technology Consultant, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and will aim to provide you with a design, specification, or product, which often needs to integrate with technology which you or your client may already be using within the workplace already. Our in-house expertise ranges from audio to video, Unified Communications to media networking and we are able to offer advice on single product or complete solutions to meet your needs. Whilst you may have ideas of technology that you already wish to use, our discussions often start with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what is it you want to achieve?’. This simply allows us to understand your needs and make recommendations of suggestions, even if it’s a recommendation on product that we don’t supply ourselves.