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Thirty years ago, a small, passionate team of AV specialists invested their own energy and money to pioneer the iconic Australian Monitor brand. Today, they have grown into a global leader, known for innovative, robust, and cost-effective AV products, that keep the world entertained and informed in homes, schools, restaurants, and theatres. The innovation and passion that first ignited the brand is still alive today and is represented by Australian Monitor’s engagement within the AV sector. Embedded in the industry, the team has a deep understanding of the requirements you and your end-users demand.

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Australian Monitor's motto and the design philosophy behind this very successful brand. They are regularly installed to drive audio within leisure applications, such as pubs or bars for background music and commercial applications such as boardrooms or university lecture theatres, or school halls. They are the regular go-to product of choice for the most demanding of environments. Their versatile feature set sees much of the product offering low impedance and 100 V line, making it an easy choice for program sound or sound reinforcement. Some product also features onboard signal processing and connectivity to fire alarm systems for muting functions, making it a true ‘contractor’ product. The amplifiers and mixer are well complimented by the vast range of loudspeakers offered by this brand, ranging from cabinet loudspeakers and subwoofers to ceiling speakers or column loudspeakers.

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Whether you are an end-user, Systems Integrator, or a Technology Consultant, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and will aim to provide you with a design, specification, or product, which often needs to integrate with technology which you or your client may already be using within the workplace already. Contact POLAR Today for more information! Our in-house expertise ranges from audio to video, Unified Communications to media networking and we are able to offer advice on a single product or complete solutions to meet your needs. Whilst you may have ideas of technology that you already wish to use, our discussions often start with a simple ‘why?’ or ‘what is it you want to achieve?’. This simply allows us to understand your needs and make recommendations of suggestions, even if it’s a recommendation on a product that we don’t supply ourselves.

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