beyerdynamic Wireless Systems

beyerdynamic wireless systems have been a staple of the RF world for many years, ranging from a variety of presentation applications, higher education use and PA work. This tradition continues with the TG-series of wireless systems, designed to cater for the most cost-effective to the most challenging of environments.

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TG 1000 Overview
TG 500 Overview

The flagship TG1000 system sets a new standard in wireless technology. Featuring Dante connectivity, digital 24-bit wireless transmission and a host of interchangeable microphone capsules, together with a massive 319 MHz switching bandwidth, the TG1000 system is able to be used in pretty much any wireless application you can think of – live events, lecture theatres, boardroom presentations, broadcast use; you name it, you can use it there.

The TG500 UHF range features single and dual receivers, dynamic and condenser microphone capsules and recharging technology, making it the great for larger scale presentation applications, local government use and live events. A wide operating bandwidth ensures that the system is able to be used in a wide variety of challenging RF environments.