beyerdynamic is a family owned audio equipment manufacturer, founded in 1924 in Berlin, Germany by Eugen Beyer. beyerdynamic is a specialist manufacturer and audio engineering company, known throughout the world as one of the leading manufacturers of digital wired and wireless conference systems and headphones and headsets with trandsducer technology for studio and stage, intercom and broadcasting use.

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"The studio engineers headphones of choice. They're built to last which is essential in a working studio and offer unbeatable isolation."

Transducer microphones for any application

beyerdynamic offers a wide range of Wireless and Wired Microphones to suit any recording or live sound applications. The TG 1000 Series is a 24-bit digital wireless system, covering a massive 319 MHz of the UHF bandwidth range 470–789 MHz and can be used in a wide variety of venues worldwide, competently and reliably. The Touring Guide Series offers a range of condenser and dynamic microphones designed specifically for vocals, headsets, lavalier, drums and instruments in the touring market and the M Series wired microphones are used for a range of live performances, studio applications and broadcasting.

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The industry's standard headsets

beyerdynamic's Headphones and Headsets remain the industry standard for music producers, sound technicians and broadcast users worldwide. The DT 108/109 Series is a range of wired headsets for live, broadcasting, studio, film and TV and language lab applications while the DT 200 Series are wired with condenser microphones for on-air news and sports commentaries. The DT 700 Series are wired headsets with improved bass response, particularly useful in loud environments.