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When performing live, you need everything to go off without a hitch. You need to be heard and you need to be heard crystal clear. That’s where beyerdynamic’s microphones come in, specially designed for use in live performances. The detail, precision, and road-worthy design of this performance microphone range are perfect for any live environment, however large or intimate.



With a range of studio microphones, you can freely choose the tone that is just right for you. Their studio microphones offer exceptional quality, whether it’s a dynamic, ribbon, or condenser microphone being used. EQ is not a concern either; thanks to detailed music playback, the sound can be easily blended into every mix.

Ambient noise and feedback do not stand a chance against the exceptional directional patterns provided by the M series. Professional users hold the M 88 in particularly high regard, having anointed it as the nearly perfect microphone in terms of directional characteristics all while delivering consistently exceptional sound quality.



When it comes to working from home, you need the best quality audio to ensure you're clearly heard during various meetings and calls. beyerdynamic offer both wired and wireless USB microphones for your home office.

The beyerdynamic Phonum, for example, can be plugged in via USB or even used wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to use it without the constraints of a cable. The Phonum is operated via capacitive touch sensors so that you can accept or ends calls, increase or decrease the volume, select the polar pattern and mute or activate the microphone.



It doesn’t matter if you’re about to head on tour, play that one important gig coming up, or heading to the studio to record – you need to know that your sound will be of the best quality, at every single moment. The beyerdynamic range of instrument microphones are designed to be sturdy and road-worthy for any touring or performance environment, with the top-level sound quality delivered for every recording application.