beyerdynamic Installed Microphones

Virtually every meeting space nowadays requires microphone technology in one shape or form. Beyerdynamic’s range of installed microphones can cater for every type of room and requirement – the BM and OM-series of boundary and hanging models for table or ceiling mounting in such applications as video or teleconferencing and churches, the GM-series of gooseneck microphones for lecterns, desk-top or announcement use and the RM & MPR-series of line-array microphones for astounding distance audio capture applications. 

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USB Microphone Overview
Gooseneck Microphones Overview

The Revoluto principle – The Revoluto principle is based on patented microphone array technology, where microphone capsules are arranged in either a horizontal or vertical row. Compared to gooseneck microphones this creates a much greater distance for voice pick up.As a result, the speaker is not restricted to the typical pick up pattern or usual compact speaking distance offered by most gooseneck microphones and therefore does not need to concentrate on talking directly into the microphone. The speaker has maximum freedom of movement with a consistent intelligibility of speech.

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The Classis BM 53 USB microphone is the plug & play solution for recording or transmitting sound using a laptop or PC. When using an adapter, it is also a practical solution for mobile applications with smart devices (depending on the system requirements). It improves the audio quality when recording meetings, reports and podcasts. This USB boundary microphone is also perfect for teleconferences, video conferences, Skype conferences (Windows or OS X) and teaching purposes. When speaking, people appreciate the quality of communication improved by this microphone.

The gooseneck microphones of the Classis GM 3xx-series with an extremely small microphone head meet the requirements of design. The thin gooseneck of 6 mm with a mat black, non-glare surface can be discretely integrated into any installation. The cardioid polar pattern of the microphones ensures maximum volume due to a high gain before feedback with excellent intelligibility of speech. The versatile series allows many kind s of application: the use with speaker’s desks or altars, the use in conference systems, in studio and sound systems for mixing consoles and the use as stationary microphone in paging systems