beyerdynamic Conferencing Technology

Regardless of what industry you work in, be it local government, the financial markets or in higher education beyerdynamic have conference technology solution for you. Utilising advanced digital technology in both wired and wireless formats, beyerdynamic conference systems offer stability, reliability and quality, delivering results that you can count on time and again. Combining robust build quality and unique features with long experience in the conference market means that beyerdynamic conference systems are the perfect choice for any venue.

QUINTA Overview
ORBIS Overview

Featuring both gooseneck and beyerdynamic’s proprietary Revoluto microphone formats, the Quinta conference system is an advanced digital wireless delegate system offering essential features such as push-to-talk operation, electronic voting and dual delegate functionality, delivering high-quality audio via a secure, stable, fully-encrypted wireless signal. Ideal for flexible environments where the layout changes regularly or where cables are not permissible, the Quinta system is quick to deploy and remove and features long operating times thanks to its robust battery technology.

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If your requirement is for a cabled system, the Orbis digital wired solution uses convenient CAT5e cables to link its desktop and installed microphone units together. The aesthetically-pleasing design of the delegate units means that Orbis is a great choice for meeting rooms, council chambers or even lecture theatres and its high quality audio & features such as SD card recording and braille button identification mean that Orbis is flexible and powerful enough for most conference applications.