ASL Intercom

Headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands, ASL Intercom was established in 1985 by former Managing Director Eric de Bruyn and was later aquired by Riedel Communications in 2016. ASL Intercom offer an award-winning line of rugged and reliable partyline systems and audio networking solutions for live sound, theatre, fixed installations and broadcast. ASL Intercom are acclaimed for their exceptional voice intelligibility, dependable operation and user interfaces suited to fast-paced productions.

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ASL Enchorus Introduction
ASL Intercom Tivoli Theatre

"ASL Intercom has a strong portfolio in digital partyline technology, and the company’s products adapt readily to a wide variety of applications, both small and large"

Partyline solutions to suit the extreme demands of live entertainment

ASL Intercom's range of Digital Partylines include the Flexus Series and the legacy DS Series. Both Series' can be configured via ethernet, daisy-chain or both from one master station to effectively communicate vital information in a timely fashion - critical in complex, fast-paced events. The Analogue Partylines ranges divide into the Pro Series and the Basic Series. Both of which are not only cost-effective but also have a proven track record of reliable operation in the most demanding live production, even management, broadcast and industrial applications.

ASL PS 430 USP 1
ASL Enchorus Rack USP2

Enchorus - “Audio, Anywhere”

ASL's Enchorus Series is a line of Dante format converters comes with built-in mixing capabilities and offers professional connectors and superior audio quality solutions for stage applications, production studios and other pro AV installations.