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If you're a bass guitarist looking to discover your perfect sound, we offer one of the most legendary brands in the bass amplifier business, Gallien-Krueger.

Bass amps differ significantly from guitar amplifiers, in that they are attempting to reproduce significantly lower frequencies than a regular guitar amp and this typically requires more power and a different palette of tonal controls compared to the mid-range frequencies produced by electric guitars.

Bass amplifiers are also generally expected to produce a cleaner signal than guitar amplifiers, without the overdrive / distortion and mid-range prominence that are often highly desirable in guitar amps. In this regard, they share a similarity to acoustic guitar amplifiers and most bass amps can be used happily with both solid-body electric bass guitars and acoustic upright basses with a piezo pickup installed.

Gallien-Krueger is a more modern take on bass amplifier design and is well suited for the contemporary bass player who prefers a cleaner, more transparent bass tone typical of modern RnB, Pop, Jazz, and Hip-Hop.