Public spaces often require information to be communicated clearly and accurately, the first, and every time.

This can sometime be as simple as a solution of audio playback in a controlled space with audio for a museum exhibit, but can also become something of a much more critical nature to a voice evacuation system in an airport, or sports stadium. We offer bespoke solutions for Public Address (PA), paging systems and life safety and evacuation and can design the solution to the strict European, and British Standards.

Our solutions also include complete audio and video distribution systems for restaurants, bars and nigh clubs. We have a fantastic range of loudspeaker solutions which are invisible; designed to be heard but not seen some of which can be heard in some of the most prestigious of retail outlets around the world.

Whilst ‘Leisure’ is a very broad subject heading, we offer a wealth of experience within this sector. Some of our experience covers discrete audio within listed buildings and public address within football stadiums.

Please look at our case studies and contact us to talk through your requirements. Our portfolio of product has many hidden gems and we have a fantastic expertise within our team, to understand your project requirements.

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