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With decisions being made in a control centre at the heart of a police training operation, to discussions in the district council chambers, the necessity to communicate, document, and share ideas are environments highly reliant on technology.

Often, these discussions or meetings are of a legal nature, or in some cases, lives may depend on the technology facilitating fast, efficient and reliable communication.

At POLAR, we understand this vital requirement and provide solutions to cover these specific needs. For more than 15 years, we have been demonstrating and designing discussion systems or sometimes referred to as conference systems which are used within discussions at council chambers, government meetings, or high-level boardroom meetings.

Sometimes this is also designed incorporating a translation system for attended of differing languages. This type of technology can be completely portable for servicing multiple sites, or installed, sometimes integrated with other hardware such as camera tracking, recording and archiving, or even webcasting, allowing remote users to observe the meeting. All of our solutions are designed to help users communicate, document, and be seen and heard. No two requirements are ever the same, so each solution offered is bespoke and designed exactly to your needs.

We have a range of technology available to demonstrate and an experienced team that understands the requirements of these challenging environments.