Houses of Worship

From transmission of clearly intelligible spoken words by your clergy and ministers to musical accompaniment for your congregation, POLAR offer audio solutions for Houses of Worship designed to be as discreet as possible to preserve the integrity of the building.

For all their opulence and splendor, in a lot of cases, houses of worship and their inherent architectural designs do not lend themselves to one major (and arguably one of their most important) property: The intelligible transmission of speech to the masses.

High arched ceilings, large halls of wood and marbled stone; although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, can in many cases be to the contrary for the ear. In many sites used for sermons and worship, it is of paramount importance that all in attendance are the recipients of clear, intelligible audio.

It is this coupled with the fact that In recent years, houses of worship have begun embracing technology and have thus expanded their requirements beyond simple voice reinforcement. In turn, driving the need for versatile, but most importantly, useable technology that enables them to successfully deliver any application or goal they have in mind.

POLAR are able to offer a variety of products and expertise in this field, to ensure you are able to deliver the best and most practical solutions for your client. Examples can range from:

Discrete, digitally steerable beam forming loudspeaker columns, specifically designed with acoustically challenging spaces in mind.

  • A multitude of comprehensive, yet easily controllable digital consoles and personal monitoring systems. 
  • Loudspeaker SPL distribution heat-mapping.
  • Acoustic treatment solutions and design.
  • Friendly technical advice, support and design assistance.

Please take a look at our user stories and browse our product ranges, selected for their aesthetic qualities and crystal clear sonic capabilities ideal for installation in Houses of Worship.

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