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AmpegLiquifier - Analog Chorus Pedal

SKU: 99-040-4001
UPC: 614252310581

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The Ampeg Liquifier Analog Chorus pedal delivers incredibly rich tones thanks to its dual chorus circuit design. Experience classic dreamy chorus or turn it all the way up to transport your tone to a new dimension. Get the lush sounds you’ve been dreaming of with the Liquifier Analog Chorus.


£67.50 (Ex VAT)

Technical Specifications

  • Signal to Noise Ratio82 dB (Effect Level 100% wet) / 94 dB (Effect Level 100% dry)
  • Maximum Gain+0 dB (Unity)
  • Maximum Input Level1.1 Vrms (3.0 V peak-peak) before clipping (1.00% distortion), 100 Hz input
  • Frequency Response (Input level 1.00 V peak-peak)100 Hz - 5 kHz, ±3.0 dB (100% wet) / 20 Hz - 20 kHz, ±0.5 dB (100% dry)
  • Impedances1 MΩ (Input) / 200 Ω (Output)
  • Power RequirementsInternal: 9 V Battery / External: 9 VDC, ≥60 mA
  • Maximum Current Draw56 mA at 9VDC
  • Size (H x W x D inches)2.2 x 2.6 x 4.5
  • Weight0.3 kg

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